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There are lots of places to look for jobs in America and many can be contacted before you arrive. To get you started, we have gathered some of the more effective resources.


Before starting your job hunt, here are two things that you should focus on getting, and increase your chances to be hired:

  1. Qualification or Specialization : When you are a non US citizen you either should have a high level of qualification for the job that makes you an ideal candidate as compared to other US applicants or you should be specialized enough to become a preeminence.

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  2. Ways to find Job in USA:Now that you think you have both here are multiple ways to find an ideal job in United States:–          Newspapers/Offline Channels

    Craigslist/Online Job Portals

    Internet is indeed a blessing as it allows you to search for the jobs in all around the world. More than 50% of the youth in US and abroad use internet to find jobs regardless of the nature of their jobs.

    When it comes to finding jobs on internet websites like Monster.com and Craigslist are one of the best assets.

  3. The list of job portals seems endless but some of the most important ones include www.careerbuilder.com, www.careers.org,www.hotjobs.com, www.jobcenter.com, www.jobweb.com andwww.jobtrak.com Search for a Donation Site Org,Sometime they search for hire personal in your country. Business VOIP Solutions Companys also good.
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